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What do I need to tell you about me to make an order?

We do not need to know a lot about you, as we want you to stay calm regarding your confidentiality. The process of ordering our professional writing help does not assume collecting too much personal data. We do not need to know your address, phone number, your teacher’s name, or the name of your college. Our team focuses on getting from you details on your task more than on getting to know all about you. However, we understand that we do not do anything illegal; some students do not want anybody to know about our cooperation. Moreover, keeping information about our customers safe is a part of our confidentiality policies. 

Is it significant to have instruction from a teacher?

Usually, students receive clear and detailed manuals from their teachers that provide requirements for the paper. Hence, having such instructions will sufficiently ease ordering, as we will ask you about such details as the topic, tone of voice, formatting, word count, etc. At the same time, some students cannot provide all of the instructions because of some objective reasons. Don’t worry if you have lost your teacher’s instructions. Our writers know all the typical formats of college papers. Even with sparse information, our writers can help you without problems.

How do I prepare for ordering college paper help?

Before you enter the site to order an essay, you must collect all existing data on your task. If you have instructions from a teacher, provide us with all the details. The preliminary information we need to know is the discipline, type of paper, and the deadline. After, you need to register on our website and provide your payment details to deposit after completing an order. Once you are registered, you are ready to proceed with filling out the order form.

What information about the papers do you require?

We aim to provide you with a detailed and customized paper. Hence, we try to collect all existing data on your task to perfect it. After registration on our site, you will start filling out the form to let us know all about your essay or another kind of college paper. We will ask you to provide the name of the discipline, the number of pages needed, the level of writer, the type of paper, topic (if you have one), deadline, and any additional information you have (for example, pictures, links, videos, etc.).

Can you complete my test instead of me?

Our team uses multiple ways to help students with their papers. Unfortunately, there are some exceptions. Usually, you should log in to a website and enter some secured data to complete a test. Moreover, completing a test for a college means picking one point from several. Both actions we mention are forbidden according to our inside rules and security policies.

Can I call my writer to ask a question?

We believe that direct communication between authors and customers lifts the level of our papers’ quality. Hence, we enable safe ways of contacting writers. By entering your ordering page, you will be able to write a message to your writer within our chat. Thanks to the built-in messenger, you will safely connect to an author and discuss your task. Note that the chat is not for instant messaging, and the author will answer you when he or she is available.

To whom may I address urgent questions?

If your writer is offline but you have a question or issue, we will not let you feel that you are alone. Contact our support managers if your writer is busy helping other students or writing an urgent paper for you. We work hard 24/7, assisting students from different time zones and being in touch with writers worldwide. By contacting our caring support team, you will get answers to all urgent questions in a heartbeat. 

Can I pick an author for me?

Here at, we have a mission to free students from all potential headaches related to writing issues. You need to complete the order and provide a deposit on our site. Once we get your order details, our managers start looking for an available author to complete your essay. You do not need to compare profiles and offers of different writers to choose the best one. We will do everything for you.

Is it safe to deposit money via your site?

We understand that money questions are sensitive and significant for all students. Hence, we aim to ensure that your funds are safe when you deposit them within our system. We use only reliable and recognized ways of providing payments. Our team never uses cash transactions. If you need your money back, it will not be a problem.

How will I receive my work?

When an author finalizes and edits your paper, you must read it and approve that everything is correct. Pay attention to each tiny detail and ensure that everything is fine. When you agree to the final file, a writer will send you a link to download the work in a helpful format. Usually, we provide papers in .DOC.

Can I ask for a refund?

In some situations, we can provide reimbursement to you. However, such things are rare for our service. Our team is ready to send you back from 20% to 100% of the deposited amount. We have a detailed explanation of our money-back policies. You can enter a specific section of our site and read all information there.

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